A Note from Us…


Dear Potential Birth Mother,

We have been praying for you, even though we don’t know you. We are humbled that you would take the time to get to know a little about us. And, most of all, we are grateful that you would choose life for your child and even choose to make a brave but difficult decision to consider adoption.

While we won’t fully understand the weight of the sacrifice you are making for this child, we are so humbled that you would consider entrusting us with the role of parenting this child.

We want you to know that, if you should choose us as you make your adoption plan, we will be faithful to follow through on all that we share here. The greatest love requires sacrifice, and as much as you are sacrificing for this child, know that we, too, will sacrifice our own lives for this child.

Just as we believe God is sovereign over every conception, we believe He knows every detail of this baby’s life, and we praise God for the miracle of this little one as we pray for peace for you throughout your pregnancy.


Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for your care for us and your support over the past several years as we have longed to start a family. Thank you for mourning with us and celebrating with us and loving us–and thank you for your eagerness to be a part of our desire to adopt.

One of the ways we know we could be given a chance to adopt is through a private adoption (without an agency), which relies on word-of-mouth and, of course, faith in what God can do! Would you keep us in your prayers, as well as your conversations with others? You never know who might hear and reach out to us.

We are eager to see what God will do, and we feel so loved by your partnership in this journey!