Meet Eric


Five Quick Facts

Kansas City, KS

Category Marketing Manager

Gardetto’s Spicy Italian Snack Mix

Sherlock Holmes

excelled at sports that require focus
on a ball

Eric is introspective and energized by alone time. He tends to be cautious and thoughtful when approaching projects or decisions. The fact that he is detail-oriented allows him to think through all of the little things, and he likes to gather all of the information that he can in order to better understand a situation or a decision. His friends frequently comment on his listening skills and his ability to be in conversation with you and let you feel like you are the only person in the room.

Eric enjoys riding his bikes–plural, because while he is a competitive road cyclist, he also rides gravel and mountain bikes. He is game for tackling woodworking projects (in fact, he built our dining table!) and has learned how to do many house projects and car repairs thanks to YouTube.

He is a hopelessly sappy and sentimental guy, and he can’t wait to be a dad. If he has a daughter, he wants to take her on special daddy-daughter dates and let her know how loved she is; if he has a son, he wants to take him camping and teach him about fixing bikes and cars or making things. He will love them to the best of his God-given ability.

What Samantha loves about Eric

Eric is one of the most servant-hearted people I know, both toward me and toward the people in his life. His humble spirit makes him approachable and easy to talk to, and one of the first things I ever knew about him was that he was respected by everyone who knew him. He is genuine in his desire to know and care for others, and I love being married to a guy whom others are always bragging about.

Eric is sentimental and sweet, and I can honestly say that I have never once doubted his love for me and his commitment to our marriage. He thinks before he speaks, he is cautious and responsible with our finances, and he is always thinking ahead for the well-being of our marriage, our family, and the people he cares about.

Eric is going to be the most intentional father. He is intentional in all that he does, and I know this will carry over into the way that he parents. He is caring and compassionate, and his children will always know they are loved by their dad, even if discipline is involved.