Meet Samantha


five quick facts

Conway, AR

college ministry

chips and salsa

Anne of Green Gables

had more than a handful of unread e-mails in my inbox


Samantha is a “people person,” and she is energized by relationships. She thrives on activity and has a high capacity for keeping up with many different areas of life. She tends to be a pragmatist. She likes to learn new things, is usually opinionated, and thinks deeply about her life, about others, and about her faith.

She has a degree in English and Creative Writing, and her dream is to write and publish a creative non-fiction book one day. Other than writing, she also enjoys reading and is usually balancing multiple books at a time. She enjoys cooking, baking, and hosting friends and family for meals and events. She also enjoys being active: attending barre classes, riding bikes with Eric, and running with the dog.

She daydreams about reading bedtime stories to her kids at night–she has kept a list of all of her favorite books as a kid and can’t wait to pass those stories on to her own children.

What Eric loves about Samantha

Sam is without a doubt, the kindest, most genuine, intentional, and loving person I know. She is my best friend, which says a lot for how gracious she is to put up with me! She is funny, creative, driven, and has this incredible way of bringing order and clarity to any situation — especially when I am stressed or anxious.

She is always seeking to learn and share with me and with others what she is learning. She loves the Lord as her first love and knows the Bible better than almost anyone I have ever met. She has amazing spiritual insight and wisdom, and a gift for encouraging others when they are hurting.

She is empathetic and truly cares about other people. In fact, she is energized by relationships and social interaction in a way that I only wish I could have! I also love watching her with our friends’ kids; she is nurturing, loves investing in others, and I know she is going to be an amazing mom.