Eric’s family

Eric grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, but his parents now live in Denver, Colorado. Eric’s younger sister, her husband, and their son (turning one in July 2019) live near Breckenridge, Colorado.

Looking back on his childhood, Eric is grateful for the home and environment that his parents provided for him. Some of his favorite memories are from their holiday traditions and the many road trips and vacations that they took together.


samantha’s family

Samantha’s parents live in Conway, Arkansas, just 2.5 hours south of Fayetteville. Samantha is the oldest of three kids. Her sister also lives in Conway, and her brother, his wife, and their son (turning two in October 2019) live nearby in Little Rock.

One of the most valuable things Sam’s parents modeled for her in their marriage and parenting was their intentionality to apologize to each other in front of the kids. Some of her favorite memories are from family camping trips and game nights around the kitchen table; she blames her dad for her competitive nature during board games.