Our Life Together


How we met


Eric and Samantha’s story began in college at the University of Arkansas. Samantha was a junior, and Eric was in his fourth year (he ended up taking an extra year to graduate). Eric was the chaplain of his fraternity, and he was without a date for their upcoming spring formal. Some of his close friends mentioned that he should meet this girl named Sam, thinking they would hit it off.

To this day, Sam’s not quite sure what persuaded her to say yes to this guy she didn’t really know, but they went with a group and had a great time. After formal, Eric decided that he really did like this girl, and he wanted to pursue a relationship with her–but Sam needed some convincing.

After six months of continuing to ask Sam out (the two still dispute the number of times she rejected him), she decided to give him a chance. Shortly after they started dating their last year of college, they both knew this was “it.” Eric sold his motorcycle to buy an engagement ring, and he proposed nine months after they started dating. Three months later, Eric and Samantha got married on a perfectly gray November day in 2011.




As cliche as it may sound, we really are best friends. We enjoy many of the same hobbies and activities, and we both thrive on quality time with each other. We can talk about anything together, and in times of crisis we are each other’s best support and encouragement.

On the weekends, you can find us anywhere from camping and hiking in the woods, to tailgating for the Hogs, to riding bikes together or going on walks with the dog.